Philips Hue No Longer Working After App Update (V 1.61)

I’m a little frustrated, ever since I updated the SmartThings App to V 1.61 earlier this month, I’ve had nothing but problems with controlling my Hue system through SmartThings. Before Updating to V 1.61, everything worked flawlessly… but now, it only works about 20% of the time.

(Note: Hue works fine from the Hue App and via with no lag or delay, so issue is with SmartThings integration specifically.)

I understand that it’s still in beta, but with the way it’s been acting, it seems more like alpha. Also as I previously stated, it worked 100% of the time prior to updating… so it seems like it may be an issue with the new app?

Things that are not working:

  1. “Hello, Home” actions, “SmartApps,” “Things” menu buttons and “Dashboard” actions no longer work reliably. Now and then the Hue bulbs will respond to a command, but it is very rare. Some examples of actions I have programmed:

      • When mode switches to "Night" turn off X,Y,Z lights (Via Hello, Home)
      • When motion is  detected in the kitchen, turn on "Kitchen Ceiling" light and turn off light when motion stops (Via Dashboard Action for "Kitchen Ceiling")
      • When the "Front Door" contact sensor opens and mode is set to "Away" turn all lights to red (via SmartApp "Set Mood with Hue")

Those are just a few examples. Even in the “Things” menu when I go to check the “On/Off” status of a light bulb, it is not always accurate, and if I go to tap one of the buttons to control a light, it only works about 20% of the time.

I have reached out to support and they have suggested uninstalling Hue and reinstalling it. I tried this and it still is not working. I have also Factory Reset my Hue hub and reinstalled on SmartThings and same thing… bulbs only respond around 20% of the time.

Anyone else having issues? Anyone find a solution? Thanks in advance!

I agree, Hue has been working but very intermittently, and the same thing with Sonos. I don’t know what is happening recently, but the reliability of these things is critical.

If I’m going to use Sonos to give me a custom reminder, or have Hue wake me up so slowly with brightening the lights it has to work 95% of the time and I would say my Hue and Sonos work about 65% of the time right now.

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Well I’m glad I’m not the only one. Hopefully they’ll have the problem ironed out soon. I hope its at the top of their list.

I just bought a Sonos too, which has been working flawlessly (for now).

I just don’t understand why Hue was working perfectly for me then just stopped almost completely since the new app update. I don’t know what to do… for now I’m just using the Hue app, but because of that, it doesn’t sync up with my SmartThings modes/actions.

Yeah, I’ve been having the same issue with the Android app. Seems like Hue and Sonos worked more consistently in the previous version of the app. Now it’s very rare that it ever works. Super bummed.

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Definite bummer… I even made that point to the Support Team, letting them know that it worked with the previous app but not this version.

The new app seems very buggy. Almost to the point it’s rendering the whole system useless since you can’t ever count on anything to work consistently.

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So weird… ever since I posted this tread it’s been working. #KnockOnWood Ha ha.

I’m having the same issue with Hue and Sonos. It’s extremely frustrating!

Kind of on the same boat… but I definitely got to that point with my TCP lights. It started of working intermittently and now just no longer works. I think it has to do with SmartThings not accurately getting the IP addresses of IP “things”.