Hue problems with Smartthings v2.0

Hey guys, updated to the new hub and at first everything was going well. Unfortunately Hue problems are back, just as they were in v1 for me.

So here’s the gist, I’ll connect hue to Smartthings and set them to turn on with motion. This will work for a while. Then, out of the blue, they will stop working consistently and work very intermittently. The only way to fix this is to unpair them from Smartthings and repair them. But after doing this for the 5th time, I’m tired of it. My Lightify bulbs have no issues, any idea what’s up with the Hues?

EDIT: I should note, that Smartthings still THINKS its working properly. If I look at the app itll register the motion and even say the bulbs are on, but they aren’t, or if they do turn them on, won’t turn them off (even though smartthings THINKS it did). The only way to to turn them off then is with the Hue app, which does have their livestate and is able to get them to function.

Weird. Are you using the smart lighting app? I found that if I use any other app with my hue bulbs they don’t work all of the time.

Sounds like signal issues. Recommend you put in a wired device to actt as a repeater near the lights.

Isn’t signal issues. The bulbs are literally in the adjacent room, maybe 10 feet away from where I keep my hub. And yes, using the smart lighting app.

Are your Hue bulbs directly connected to the SmartThings hub or are they using the Phillips Light Link hub?

They are connected through the bridge to smartthings.

You’re absolutely correct. It is NOT signal issues. The problem is ST’s hue integration, and it has been a problem for many since day one. They know it. We all know it.

My hues work with the official and every third party app I’ve ever tried. Without fail. Every time. I’ve even operated a hue Go portable light on the other side of my property with not one hiccup using the official app.

Even Wink never fails…but it does take a long time to respond.

Got issues here as well. When I use the hue app or a hue tap to control my hue lights, smartthings no longer knows the status. Hue lights are on and smartthings shows them as off. Only way to update hue status in smartthings is to use the ST app and tap the hue light on and off. This is weird, hue is drop dead easy, rock solid with any other system I’ve used. Why does ST have a problem?

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