Phillips Hue Unreliable?

This is a two part issue:

  1. It seems to me that I cannot get my Hue Bulbs to function with scenes (ie. turn off Hue Lights in Night Mode). Sometimes lights won’t turn on, or turn off or some will turn on and not others. Point being it is unreliable. **Do others have this issue?
  2. Is there a fix for this? I can remove Hue Connect, but that requires that I undo a lot of work because Hue Connect integrates with scenes modes, smart apps and IFTT. Is there something simpler to do?

Thanks for the assistance.

What firmware is your hub on? You can see this from the IDE.


Firmware of the Smartthings Hub is 000.011.00603

I think 000.011.00705 is the latest. Contact support and they can push the new firmware to you. I believe the latest fixed issues with the Hue connectivity.

I have mine and they are pretty reliable. I haven’t played with them to do scenes and change colors. What do you mean they integrate with scene modes?

Welcome to the Philips hue club, mate! You may get the update on the firmware but it will always be a hit or miss for the time being till it comes out of the lab officially. :slight_smile:

Search this forum and the max non-techie related results will be on this product and I can bet all my hues that if this product integration worked as expected, WAF would be at the highest and US population out of control. So, in a way ST is contributing towards population control.

Has anyone found a workaround to the hue reliability issue? Maybe a smart app that someone else has created that actually works reliability. So far this is the worst investment I’ve ever made in home automation. My X10 setup was way more reliable than this.

Perhaps I should elaborate:

Like many here, Smart chief among them, Smartthings works pretty well with Hue for turning individual lights on and off. Unfortunately, it’s very unreliable when hue bulbs are triggered by Hello Home actions, which make up the core of the functionality that everyone wants. What I really don’t understand is why Hello Home actions cannot check the state of a light/switch and then take the required actions to “fix” the state of a device when the initial command fails to work. This is especially puzzling because immediately after a device fails to changes to the appropriate state I can send a “refresh” command to the device and it immediately notifies me of the state, which is always NOT the state that the Hello, Home action was supposed to trigger.

It seems to me that a fairly simple fail-safe would be to implement a check after each Hello, Home action such as:

I sent the proper command to the bulb/device.
Did the command result in the required state?

Yes --> Do Nothing
No --> Change the state

Why is this so difficult to achieve?

I understand that Hue is technically still in “labs” but is listed as a core integration feature, as many others have mentioned. From a marketing perspective, this is deceiving at best, and outright fraud at worst.

At the very least I wish that the engineers at SmartThings would verify bugs such as this and provide regular progress updates on the status of these labs integrations that are marketed as core integrations.

Many of us have thousands of dollars invested in platforms such as SmartThings. At the very least we deserve regular updates on the progress of features regarded as core integrations/compatibilities. I’m about to throw this whole thing out the window and contact the FTC.

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