Philips Hue Light Strips 800276 $11.97


The Home Depot site has the Hue Lights Strips posted for $11.97. Inventory says check store for availability.

I printed the page and Best Buy honored the price :grinning: Two of the store made me pull the page up on my phone, one accepted the print out.

I picked up 7 sets.


Shows 89.97. Looks like it is dead :frowning:

(Realy Living Dream) #3

Still showing as $11.97 for me


Which browser and location please?

(Realy Living Dream) #5

HD doesn’t change prices by location but I am logged in with 01601 as my zip . I checked in both FF and Chrome and it shows the same $11.97
I just checked and it shows the discount price on Chrome and LG browser on my phone too.


Thanks it does change by store. For your zip it is showing 11.97. Let me see if BB will match. Thanks

(Realy Living Dream) #7

Well I’m stuck at home without a car, so hoping HD doesn’t fix the website before the wife or daughter get out of work and can get to the mall .


My zip is 11729

(Michael Stroh) #9

32765 shows $11.97. Have to call store to check inventory. Store advised SKU 1001803179 is inactive. He said no Orlando area stores have it in stock. He said inactive means discontinued and will not be reordering. Not sure what that means for price matching.


I took a printout to Bestbuy. 3 stores honored it. One store the employee scanned the Barcode and checked HD’s site.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #11

Just got back from the local depot with three cartons of them; 12 total. Thanks for the heads up… been looking for a deal on some form of strip lighting for quite some time.

(Chris) #12

Are you guys all in the MA area? Tried price matching on one store in California and got declined.

(Realy Living Dream) #13

So far we have people posting they got the deal in MA,NY and no not only in MA

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #14

I’m in northern CA.

(Chad Cleven) #15

what store in California? @lamxing

where in Northern Cali ? @scottinpollock

(Chris) #16

Tried the Best Buy in Montebello, CA. The sales guy saw the price said they don’t price match Home Depot, then I keep questioning and he asked for a manager. Manager comes in and checked for about 15 mins and said they only price match store within 20 miles.

(John) #17

Do these require other a Hue bridge? Or can they be used with other strip controllers?
(I’ve no Hue equipment, and am wondering if I should bother to get these)

(Realy Living Dream) #18

As with all Hue, they require a Hue bridge ( you can get Gen 1 kits with hub for next to nothing ) . Some have had limited results trying to connect Hue directly to ST, but is was LIMITED success

(Chad Moss) #19

What is this even for exactly? I read the description, but when I went to my Home Depot they couldn’t find any and it didn’t match the barcode of the normal light strips.

(Joshua) #20

Just bought 12 at my local Home Depot. Thank you