Any Extra Lightify flex strips

If anyone has extra or is at Lowe’s and see the Lightlyightify strips I would like to buy them from you… Will pay for shipping and a few extra bucks for your effort…none of my Lowes has them…

Have you checked Amazon?

I doubt Amazon is price matching the $17 Lowe’s clearance price.

Ha I am in the same boat need some strips and some color bulbs. Can’t catch a break around here!

My local store showed 2 strips & 2 dimmers. I ordered them all. Ten they called to say they didn have ( couldn’t find ) the stripes. So I ended up with 2 dimmers for $7 each. Only other store in stock are 100+ miles away. I don’t need them, Heck I still have 6 Hue strips I haven’t found a place to put yet.
Then I noticed the store about 15 miles from my daughter’s BF had 3 strips in stock. I ordered them, & he’s picking them up today or tomorrow . I figure I’ll see him eventually LOL.

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