Hue Oulet items back in stock

(Diego Yong) #1

they had (2) Gen 1 Lightstrips for 59.99 earlier this morning…

still available at time of this post… The cheapest I have seen was last month for about $27 each at Sams Club

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #2

I’ll match that price for gen 2 Lightstrip Pluses… I have 4 of them I am looking to divest myself of. These are new in factory sealed master carton. I bought them for a circular staircase project which was just more trouble than it was worth.

Free shipping in the Con US for someone who takes all four of them… and my actual shipping cost for lesser quantities.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #3

Sorry… I just noticed it was 2 for 59.99 (not 2 available at 59.99 each). I can’t match that. )c: