HomeDepot Clearance shelf; Hue Color $18

(Dale C) #1

I went in to HomeDepot to check to see if the Wink hub has dropped yet to the next lower value from the $39 price and at least for my store it has not yet BUT it was worth the stop over because I picked up this Hue Color bulb for $18

I called the other Home Depot and they didn’t have anything. :frowning:

(Keith) #2

Does HD have an area that they normally put their clearance stuff in? I’ve never seen good deals there before.

(Jay S) #3

Yes they always have a clearance rack. I make sure I visit it once or twice per week. Next time ask an employee

(Keith) #4

Thanks, I will.

(Realy Living Dream) #5

1st spot to check is the normal shelf space for yellow tags. Then they get moved to clearance areas with progressively bigger discounts.
Usually on end caps. or table/rack in isle 1 by electrical/ paint. 1 by bathroom/ loading dock and a 3rd of in a dark corner by bathroom supplies ( Toilets , tubs ) or building supplies ( Doors & Windows, the DIY, not the installed by HD contractor )

(Keith) #6

Thanks for the additional info. I might swing by the HD just down the road today after work.