Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit $59.99


This site has great sales now!
Looks like their BF deals started early. Might be a price mistake.

Read here:

I ordered the color starter kit, hue go, and the light strip plus for a $150 total.

Sale started at 12:01am this am. The V2 color kit is $119 though,

Right link for the store.hue sale .

BB and others are price matching as well

If you added it to the cart, price went down to 59.99. Showed as discount in total.

Looks like its OOS now, but the other kits are still available.

This is my order:

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 Starter Kit - Gen 2 929001141902 1 $119.99
Philips Hue Go 915004576801 1 $59.99
Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus 6.6ft Base 915005109101 1 $69.99
Subtotal $249.97
Shipping & Handling $0.00
Discount -$100.00
Grand Total $149.97

did you use a coupon code?

There was a mistake in the shopping cart/ check out yesterday. The discounts were being applied twice. Once in the price and then a second time in the checkout. So $179 kit was on sale $60 off for $119. Then in checkout process it took another $60 off. So final price was $59.
You can decide for yourself whether they sold out ( as claimed ) at 7am and were restocked this morning, or if they just discovered the error and disabled all sales until it was fixed .

I was monitoring it until like 5 PM ET yesterday.
All the other items were still getting the double discount. They never stopped it.Even when they put new items on the BF deal page, the discount doubled on that too.
I have friends who got orders in with the double discount in the afternoon.
The color kit sold out early but the others stayed for another 10 hours or so. Many people posted it on SD.
As of today they changed the system not to include the double discount.

People who ordered 2+ of each got cancellation(some did 10), but single unit orders are not cancelled yet.I ordered 3 different items, 1 each and got the double on all of them. No cancellation or refund yet.

You must have been lucky, then because all but the Hue Go were shown as sold out for me by 7:30 am. I waited up until 2am waiting for the sale to start ( email said it was live at 12:01 ET ) and it was still the regular $179. Checked at 7:00 am and could add it to cart, but got " cart is empty" when I tried to check out. Then about 7:20 everything except the Go showed as sold out. Then they added the V1 strips as a substitute.

I made the order at 6:47am, and got confirmation email at 6:53am.
I think that after they started cancelling the 2+ orders, stock came back and thats why it was still live until like 5.
My friend got the adjustable white with remote kit that was on sale for $99, (for $69 in cart), and the strip pro at 2PM ET with the double discount.
Later on the day they added the A19 white bulb on sale for 12.99(from $14.99), and in cart the $2 discount applied again to get it for $10.99.

If anyone ends up with an extra hue 2 bridge they don’t need, let me know and I might purchase. Mine went bad, been over a year since I purchased, not sure if I could still return or not.

Did you buy it with a credit card? Most have great extended warranty.

Hues all come with 2 year warranty. Although their CS is NOT the easiest to deal with when it comes to problems.

Thanks, I’ll try to contact them. Already closed now. Only light that turns on, on the bridge, is the power light. LAN and internet dont turn on, although I can see that it is getting an IP address from my router. Manual search through the app at that IP will not connect tho. I’ve tried holding the reset, putting it back to factory, but doesn’t seem to help. Pretty sure it’s bricked.

I guess I could just connect the lights to SmartThings directly, but that screws them up if I ever get another bridge, correct?

correct once connected to ST you need some other remote ( I forget which one ) to disconnect them. Hue ZLL do not subscribe to the powercycling to reset them.
If you don’t have any luck, I have a few V1 Hue hubs. I kept grabbing the kits on clearance just to get the bulbs.

Second gen $95+ tax on Best Buy using visa checkout. For those interested who missed the 69$ deal on hue.

Hues deal is still on through today

With a lot of cancellations for others and credit card charge disappearing , no emails, i got my order in yesterday with FedEx.
All 3 items, and the CC charge came back posted.
Best BF deal for me this year. Color bulbs could be brighter.

I got the color kit on Wed , the white kit and " Orb" arrived yesterday. Transferring everything to V2 hub was a breeze in Hue app. Swapping Hue hubs in ST, not so much. I ended up having to delete old Hue hub in IDE, deleting Hue connect app and then reinstalling it before it would find the new hub.

Then I made the mistake of activating the new Hue/Alexa skill. It added over 100 new devices to Alexa. This completely screwed up all my Alexa groups since it imported every Hue room, group and scene. Hue rooms work for rooms with all Hue light, but now I have 2 dining room lights and Kitchen lights “room groups” . 1 that contains only the Hue bulbs in the room and 1 that I had set up " years ago" with all the lights in the room. I really don’t need " tropical sunset in kitchen " activity. I will admit " turn on color loop in living room " is a nice addition. . I went through and deleted at least 75 and with the skill enabled it had added them back the next time I logged into Alexa.Amazon

Single bulbs (BR30, white, hue ambiance) are onsale for $19.50 through Amazon, though “temporarily out of stock”: (<-- referring link to the Brookline Community Mental Health Center).