Philips Hue bulbs appearing as unavailable

Looks like all the Philips Hues, Whites and Light strips are showing up as unavailable on iOS 10.3.2. ST App version 2.3.6.

It’s weird that these bulbs are being polled correctly, working in routines, can be turned on/off, activated thru motion etc.

Just disable the ‘device health’. While it’s a neat idea, is really irritating if you have hue


Rebooting the ST hub after months. :wink: Yeap, that worked, Bobby!


What fixed mine was I press the Hue hub button again and initiated a new Add Thing search and let it run for several minutes. That seemed to reset the stuck Unavailable flag for not only my Hue bulbs but all my other zigbee, zwave, wifi devices.


I turned off device “health”! :wink:

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how do you turn off device health?

Classic App. 4th from top. As such I have given up on this hobby and not up to date. :frowning: