Hue bulbs listed as "Unavailable" despite actually working in smartthings app

Not sure what’s going on. I have four Philips Hue bulbs in my system. One displays that it’s working fine in the Smartthings app and the other three say “Unavailable”. But, despite being shown as “Unavailable” they work just fine when I try to turn them on and off through the Smartthings app. When I turn off “Device health” they appear normal and still work normally. When I turn “Device Health” back on they show as “Unavailable” but still work fine. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? I’m really not interested in reinstalling them as I have many routines and other devices interacting with them.

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You’re not alone. Although I’m not home, I can see a bulb offline that shouldn’t be.

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Happens all the time here. Lights show as unavailable, yet everything still works. I have some directly connected Hue lamps, and they are all fine, so I just assume it’s some problem with the connection between the ST hub and the Hue one. Goes away on its own, and everything continues to work, so I just leave it alone!


Turn off your device health. Restart your app.

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Same here. I turned off my device health and that at least has dealt with the irritation level a little, if not the actual problem. I complained about it and asked that we at least have the option to choose what things to include in device health, and which to not include, and here’s the reply I received:

"We are currently investigating an issue in which devices are getting stuck showing ‘HUB_OFFLINE’. Our developers are currently working on a fix for this, but in the meantime, we have seen that tapping the small ‘x’ in the top right corner of the devices’ page actuates the device and brings it back to showing Online. If this does not work, power cycling the Hub also helps brings these devices back to showing online.

This is a short term workaround for an issue that we are working to permanently fix and we thank you very much for your patience. I have flagged your request to the issue so that when this is resolved, we will reach out to you."


Slightly different situation ,
If device health is on my 3 Hue bulbs are unavailable in ST and do not work with any of my actions/pistons however in the hue app i can still turn them on and off .
If device health is off , in ST app it shows bulbs are on (but they are not) if i tap turn off in ST app i get “turning off” but in a few seconds back to showing on (in Hue app still off )

Any ideas anyone please???