Nearly half of my Things are unavailable (December 2018)

I have been using SmartThings for about a year without any problems. Then 23 of my 51 devices are reported as unavailable. These include more than half of my bulbs (Philips and IKEA) all Xiaomi motion sensors and half the Xiaomi temperature sensors.
I’ve switched the Hub off for 15 mins with batteries removed. I’ve tried EDIT /UPDATE devices on the PC Control Panel and also holding the reset button for 1 sec on some devices. These devices are still unavailable.
Has anyone else had this problem? And more important have you a solution?

are the philips hue bulbs connected directly to the ST hub or through a hue bridge?

Thanks for your email. Everything is connected directly to the ST Hub. I don’t have a Hue Bridge.

Do you have the device health turned on ?
Sometimes that can cause this , turn it off to see if it helps.


Hi Steve. You are absolutely right!
Device Health was on and once I switched it off all the Things came back.
Thank you so much.


No problem.
I’m not sure what causes device health to do that but I’ve not had mine turned on for some time now because of it.
I use a Smartapp called Simple device viewer which notifys me if a device has stopped responding.


A follow-up: were these devices unresponsive? Or did they just say ‘unavailable’ in the app? I noticed yesterday that 3-4 zigbee devices stopped responding including a Hue bulb. I also tried reset, unplug, etc…

I just want to verify before I turn Device Health off (although I’m not sure what it’s used for anyway).

Thanks Steve, I’ll install Simple device viewer and see how I get on.

I still have a problem though. Although all the Things are “Available” they are not responding…

I think I’ll try ST Support when I get the time.

Hi Scott,

The devices were “Unavailable” in the App and also not working.

There are two other things to consider. If the ST hub is near your WiFi router, you may want to try moving the ST hub at least 10 feet from the router. Also, you can see what channel zigbee is assigned on the St hub and adjust the channel used on the 2.4 network of the router.

Try rebooting your router and Hub see if that forces things to start up.

Thanks Steve, I’ve tried that a few times with no success.

Thanks for your suggestions.
The ST hub is more that 20 ft away from the router and nearest Wi-fi so that is unlikely to be the cause.
Also I checked and Zigbee is on channel 14 and my router is on Channel 9 so that also seems OK.
I’ve tonight sent an email to ST support so hopefully they can get it sorted.

I’m having a similar problem, 8 of my bulbs have gone offline, Philips (direct to hub) and Ikea. Some of my other Ikea bulbs are still working, but all of the Philips ones have gone.

Everything has been fine with these bulbs for a year or so. One of them that went offline was only added a couple of weeks ago. Other that have been online for a while have gone off.

There was a (silent) firmware update a couple of days ago to v000.024.00020. I think this was the cause. I have a V2 hub in the UK. I have tried re-booting the hub to no effect.

Thanks for your comment. I’ve checked and that is the version of my firmware so it seems very likely the cause of our problems.

I’m in the UK on that firnware version and all my various devices are working ok , even my hive & IKEA bulbs.
But I don’t have any Phillips products to test.

I’ve had a reply from SmartThings and here is the gist of it…
“With your Philips Hue Bulbs, please do not remove these as they would not be able to be reconnected.”
“…for the Ikea bulbs, please try power cycling any of these by turning them off for at least a minute before checking in the App”
“The Hub went through the update at 5:52 pm yesterday, and the majority of the offline devices last checked in 3 days ago, so this definitely doesn’t seem to be linked to the firmware update.”

The only progress I’ve made is a Xiaomi Aqara Door Sensor had also gone offline. I removed and re-inserted the battery and pressed the reset switch. Also did a search for new devices. Nothing appeared but then after doing this a few times it somehow appeared back online.

Not had any luck with the bulbs though.

What zigbee repeaters do you have?

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Yeah, I realise its not universal - I have 2 friends who have no apparent problems with Philips bulbs, though neither also have Ikea bulbs into the mix. Not all my Ikea bulbs have gone offline, which makes it a bit odd.

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