Many devices showing as unavailable today

Suddenly this evening I had about 20 devices go Unavailable. Recycling them seemed to reset all of them except my Hue bulbs…which work, but still show unavailable. He problem encompassed all range of device types, lights, contact sensors, even presence sensors. Everything still seems to work except one switch that won’t even let me repair/replace it. Anyone else seeing this?

Yep… you could do “Add a Thing” after pressing your Hue hub discover button to see if that resets your Hue bulbs “unavailable” flag. ST won’t actually show it finds anything new but I think it will force it to go look at the Hue hub and related connected devices.

Do you have Device Health turned on?

I do.

Unfortunately, that didn’t help.

When you open your Hue app, do any of the lights have an “unreachable” listed below them?

Nope, and they all work just fine through both the ST mobile and the Hue app.

Ok, so, super interesting update…I just when back into the ST app after posting my last reply and now everything is back ‘responsive’. I didn’t change anything, and 20 minutes ago they were still showing ‘unresponsive’, but now they’re back. Of note: I still have a dead switch (not Hue related) that went out of service the same time the Hues went unresponsive. Clearly something happened yesterday…

Do you have device health turned on?

Sorry to hear that, I thought that was how I got all my “unavailable device” stuck flags back. Everything is fine now so I can’t test exactly how I did mine for you.

this unavailability is a constant problem since beginning of the year or end of last year as far as I remember. It often happens after a hub update but not only. it is not related to the mobile app nor the iOS/Android. systematically ST support claimed this to be a mesh network problem, advocating for me to buy additional repeaters which I didn’t do for a good reason: it used to work properly before that hub update that came that time. Anyone having the same experience?


I was having the same problem. Smartthings saying hue lights were unreachable or unavailable, but they worked anyway. So I shut off device health setting, everything seems to be fine. So problem seems to be with that feature in my iOS app (or that features somewhere in the system). But I’m just ignoring it and everything seems to be ok…

The same thing is happening to me. My Hue bulbs are all showing up as unavailable, but they are working just fine.

I tried rerunning the LAN super connect by adding a new hue bulb and clicking the button on the hue bridge, but that had no effect.


Oddly enough when I turn off device health it is ok. It seems to be incorrectly reporting unavailable for the device health when it’s online and ok. A bug in the smartthing app for sure.

Device Health marked dozens of my devices as unavailable. When I turned it off, everything was fine.

I kinda of feel like device health just marks things that it hasn’t heard from in a while. When I have a device that shows as unavailable, I select the device then recycle it with the backwards arrow…99.5% of the time it comes back as healthy.

This is happening to me right now and yup it happened after a hue hub update. Just wanted to confirm the issue.

I had 4 loss since the 18.21 got rolled out. I have a ticket opened with Javi from their support and a new things this time is that it impacted my Z-wave powered siren while it always impacted the battery powered Zigbee sensors previously. I encourage you to signal them the issue so that I am not an isolated case.
For one of the loss this week, I could confirm that my ISP was the culprit but others were not.

Actually I meant the Hue hub had an update. I don’t believe the ST updated for me. But I’ll still report the issue.

yes. same here, hub update.