Hue Hub won't connect to Smartthings

I have a Smartthings Hub (V2) and Philips Hue Bridge and am having trouble connecting them. They used to be paired with no issues, but have added an Eero router recently (so my wife has better connectivity for work) and had to reset my Hue Bridge. The Hue lights work using the Philips App, but my Smartthings will not see the bridge anymore. I have rebooted my smartthings hub and updated the Hue Bridge.

I’d really like to have only one app to control all my lights, any suggestions?


OK, so basically I had my Hue Bridge plugged into my cable router, not into my Eero system. Long story short, I moved my hub to an Eero with an open port and it works perfectly. Must have been late when I set it up the first time, please ignore this question.