Smarthings and philips hue option is missing?

Hey, i got a new samsung tv and i was trying to connect my smarthings to hue bridge
but it seems the option doesnt show up, I saw that there its supose to have 2 options for Philips hue,
but all i can see is connect with “Philips Hue With SmartThings Hub

according to this i should be looking to an option “Connect philips hue without a smartthings hub

there is also a warning being compactible but not certified in my country.

Any idea on whats going on or how i can connect the bulbs to work with the tv?

Which country are you from? I mean which country your Samsung account is set to?

Integrations vary by regions. But nobody mentions these things on their websites.

But you should set things up through your phone in the SmartThings app, instead of trying to do it on the TV.

What is your final goal? What is your use case?