Philips Hue BR30 Compatibility/Assignment Issue

I know this topic has been dragged through the mud and I’ve read up on the pros and cons of using Hue lights without the Philips hub. I’m already using Philips Hue A19’s and was able to select a compatible type to get them working with my ST hub and they’ve been pretty flawless so far. I picked up a Hue BR30 bulb the other day mainly because it was new in the box and ended up costing me only $4. The problem is that I can’t associate this bulb type with anything to get the ST hub to recognize it.

I purchased the Lutron Connected Bulb Remote Control and reset the bulb to factory. Then I logged into the SmartThings Dev site and associated this device with every bulb type listed but none seem to work at all. The ST mobile app does see the bulb and assigns it as a “Thing” with no way to associate it to a bulb type. Has anyone had success with this specific bulb?


I reset the bulb a couple of times to make sure it was cleared. Then I allowed ST to discover the bulb as a “Thing”. I then logged into the SmartThings Dev site and selected my device from my populated hub list. I changed the device type to ZLL Dimmer Bulb with the description of Philips Hue BR30 Extension Light Bulb. Somehow this worked even though I had tried the same device type earlier. I’d be interested to find out why it took several attempts to finally work.