Philips Hue Flushmount Light

Has anybody had experience connecting a Philips Hue Flushmount Light to SmartThings? I attempted to pair it, it immediately showed up as a thing, but says “Can’t connect to the decice” when I click on it. Has anyone had a similar experience? Any tips or thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

It is connected to a Hue bridge or are you trying to connect it directly to the ST hub?

ST hub—I have a few bulbs connected directly to the ST hub, but this is my first fixture

Have you gone to the ide to see what device type it is using?

It’s just listed as a thing—I’m assuming it needs to be listed as a ZLL Dimmer Bulb, but I’m not sure how to make that change. It’s functionally a Hue light strip.

Sorry I’m fairly new to ST


In your IDE, you can edit the device to use whatever device type you want.
Open up the device, go to Edit at the bottom, and change the Type in the dropdown box. Hit update.

Excellent, that worked!! Now I just have to figure out which one will adjust the temperature. I’ve got on/off and brightness but not temperature


Try “ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb”

That’s it, works perfect!