Cannot Connect Hue Bulb to Smartthings

I just got a Smartthings v2 hub and I am having some problems trying to connect a Hue BR30 bulb and a Hue Lightstrip Plus. Both I bought used, so it is probably safe to say that they were previously connected to a Hue hub.

I have read at length about the whole ZLL/ZHA issue here. So I went ahead and got a Lutron Connected Bulb Remote Control so I would be able to reset the bulb. However, I am unable to connect to the bulb, or reset it using the remote. I was able to make sure I was using the remote correctly by reseting and controlling a GE Link bulb that I have.

I am unsure of how to proceed here. Any ideas would be appreciated! I would just like to be able to connect my bulbs.

Do you have a Hue hub? If not and you are trying to connect them directly to the ST hub you will have to hold the Lutron remote very close (touching perhaps, as that is how I’ve done it) to the bulb while holding down the four buttons. The bulb should start blinking and if you keep holding it the bulbs should turn an orange hue (mine did). In that state the ST hub was able to pick them up and use the Zigbee Hue Bulb device handler.

Turns out that this was because of no fault to Smartthings or Hue. Rather, the “Hue bulb” i bought off of eBay was simply a regular Philips BR30 bulb in hue packaging…

I went and picked up a new BR30 Hue bulb from Best Buy and now its working perfectly. :slightly_smiling:

That’s pretty sneaky! Hey…want a LOT more Hue bulbs? Despite the LIFX randomly going AWOL I prefer their implementation (they come back on the same color as they went off, unlike the Hue bulbs that return to a warm white color).

Hmm, the LIFX bulbs do look pretty neat. I have also heard of Hue bulb getting disconnected as well. What do you think about the color representation in LIFX vs Hue?

Color is definitely better on the LIFX, and they are brighter too. They disconnect more frequently though and it is annoying! Not sold on the LIFX using wifi either. Android apps are similar (LIFX vs Hue Pro).

How I plan to use the bulb is as a front porch can light (We are building a house right now). I am wanting to eventually tie the bulb with a doorbell system and also possibly to give the house some lazy holiday lighting.