Philips Bloom Smartthings Integration


Firstly - I purchased my ST hub about 6months ago and while it took me a while to figure out how it all works I’m completely hooked. This community has been a huge help and I hope to start contributing to it moving forward.

Right now I’m using the ST hub 2.0 with the latest firmware, and in addition I’ve got about 10 Philips Hue bulbs working attached via the Hue hub. I ALSO have a Philips Living Colours Bloom (Model: 7299760PU). My idea was that I wanted to try and integrate this directly into ST versus through the Hue Hub(I know that’s easier but I wanted to play around a bit even though I know it is hard to put is back on the Hue hub after this). The use case was that I wanted to use it as a coloured warning light(Red or Green) to indicate if the SmartThings alarm is activated or not - a way to remind my children to turn it off.

So far, I have successfully managed to use the remote that came with the Bloom to reset the bloom but when doing this it still doesn’t show up when I ‘add a thing’ in ST’s app. It is deleted from the Hue hub and no long connected there.

Any thoughts or ideas here?

Thanks in advance!