Hue Bloom without Phillips Hub

i have searched the forum but didn’t come up with a device type or any way of connecting the Hue Bloom to smartthings.

can someone please direct me on connecting to my smartthings hub.

when i search for a new thing it comes up as unknown then when i go to edit on API i change it to Hue Bloom but i still cant control it i have found different hue device types but nothing for the Bloom.



gave up and picked up a hub. since i paired one of the Blooms to smartthings the hue hub wouldn’t pair with it.

if this happens to you there is away to search by serial number. i put in the number and abracadabra it worked. i read on the community once you’ve paired with smartthings you need to buy a remote to reset the bulb. unless the app is updated with the new serial number search i got lucky.