Pellet Stove, anyone setup one in ST?

I have a pellet stove and have a wireless remote thermostat.

Is there a way or device out there that has a relay or something.

I just need to close a millivolt circuit.

Scott this device is a ZigBee relay Its pricey but I have one going on two years now and it works great.

Don’t think this would work as it powers with line voltage.

I am basically trying to simulate a millivolt thermostat with a smart switch.

I will setup a rule on a temp sensor that says when below 65, turn on switch. when it hits 70 turn off switch

Humm maybe I don’t understand exactly what your wanting to do or it may not be clear what this device is. Yep it’s mains powered but you can have any voltage hooked up to the relay’s dry contacts. The relay doesn’t have to switch 110v ac it can switch a millivolt dc load no problem. Are you looking for a battery powered ZigBee relay controller?

You know its probably not a good idea to mess with the internal workings of your stove anyway. I’m sure it has saftey switches and such that you don’t want to bypass.

I guess I did not see that it had dry contacts.

I basically just need to “connect” the 2 thermostat wire together to turn the stove on, then disconnect them to turn it off. I am not modifying anything inside.

It has no voltage so I just need a relay I guess.

I use a wireless Skytech remote with a control box now, works great…but not connected.

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