Controlling a Quadrafire Mt. Vernon AE Pellet Stove Remotely

So I have a relatively unique scenario for my pellet stove that I’m hoping to automate to some degree. I own a Quadrafire Mt. Vernon AE Pellet Stove that uses a proprietary, wall mounted, thermostat to control all of the stoves functions. The problem with this is that the thermostat/controller utilizes a proprietary millivolt communication system with the stove’s internals which means I cannot simply hookup a smart thermostat to the stove and be done with it. This is a very expensive setup so I don’t intend to hack into the thermostat/controller for any reason.

All I would really like to be able to do is turn the entire stove on and off remotely and let the thermostat handle the set temperature on it’s own. I could obviously just use a smart outlet and kill power to the stove, but this presents an issue where the stove could still have an uncontrolled flame burning as well as built up heat that needs to be disapated with the fan blower before shutting down. I figure a simple smart app that, when i send the command to power off, would wait to execute that command until the stove had hit it’s programmed temperature and shut itself down safely. This could be done by simply monitoring the power consumption on the switch until it dropped below a certain threshold and then turning that switch off.

I am not familiar with building smartapps at this point but I figure some help from you lot could lead me in the right direction. I did find this code by chancsc that is designed shut off a charger once the wattage drops below a certain threshold. It seems this is close to what I’m trying to do but I have no idea how to customize it to my needs.

Any help from you all is greatly appreciated!!

I’m interested in the similar thing, have a Quadrafire Trekker Pellet Stove that has the small circle thermostat.

Has anyone figured out this integration? I’m interesting in pulling my Mt Vernon pellet stove into my smartthings environment.

I have a US Stove pellet stove that’s controlled by an on board logic board and have been looking for a a solution for remote on/off. Definitely not a good idea to hard cut power for all reasons you mention. Perhaps a setup like this if you know something about wiring?