Pellet stove - millivolt zwave?

(Scott) #1

I have a pellet stove that I currently control with a Skytech 3301P wireless remote. The receiver module is basically a millivolt contact relay.

Is there a product or a way to have a zwave switch close a millivolt circuit?

I have 120v behind the stove, so if it exists I plan to plug it in to the 120v and wire the millivolt relay to the thermostat posts on the stove.

I can then use ST to turn it on and off when I want as well as a temp sensor for when the temp in the room hits my setting.

Any ideas or suggestion…

(Cody Truscott) #2

I use the remotec zfm-80 as a dry contact for a gas fireplace. It’s been working smoothly for a year now.

If you want to keep your current switch, that’s not a problem. It wires into an existing switch.

(Eric) #3

Include a high-temperature-safety-thermostat that is not networked.

(Cody Truscott) #4

For sure. Yes. Yes. Yes.

(Scott) #5

cool, wish they had it as a plug in type…have an outlet not a switch box.

(Scott) #6

My stove has like 5 safety limit switches.

I am basically creating a thermostat with zwave.

This stove is in my finished basement and it does not drop below 60 down there.

I have been using my thermostat to control and maintain temp when I want it…but I have no way to shut it off without being home and going downstairs.