Gas Thermostat On/Off Switch

To control my gas heater on and off, I have a very simple thermostat that has two wires going into it. I am looking for zigbee device I could connect to my Smartthing hub to replace this thermostat and turn my gas heater on & off. I searched these forums but can’t find a solutoin. Any suggestions?

I’m not aware of many zigbee options here. There are several zwave options though which did work with Smartthings as a generic switch. You need something called a "dry isolated contact relay " so the power to the controller is isolated from the milivolt gas system. I use a zwave remotec zfm80 for my gas fireplace, but there appears to be limited stock. A device like the one below from zooz should work.

ah, to be clear as long as it connects to my Smartthings hub, I am indifferent if the device is Zigbee or ZWave.

I suppose something like this could also work?

Yes that one you linked should work. It does appear though trying to also use an external switch with that one won’t work. The nice thing about the remotec or that zooz one i linked above is that you can hook up an external “dumb” switch and use either the dumb switch to turn the fireplace on/off or use a zwave command (smartthings app, Alexa, automation, etc)

If you aren’t hooking up another external switch the one you linked will be fine. Most fireplaces also have a manual switch on the fireplace itself to use to turn it on in a power outage that will still work with any switch as long as you dont bypass it.

I also use this go control switch as a remote control for my fireplace (i just don’t stick it to a wall). It works as a remote control for under $15

ah, great. this is helpful. thank you.