Propane Fired "wood" stove control?

We have a condo up in VT, and when we purchased the unit we replaced the old broken wood stove with a propane fired one that has an electric, wireless, thermostat. This works great, except when the batteries run out. Anyway, I’d like to be able to fire this thing up when we’re 30 mins away. Are their any products out there that can do this? Is it just a regular thermostat attached to the wireless unit in the back?

This is a tricky space, even though it is less than 1000 sqft, there are 5 baseboard thermostats (1 per room), 3 radiant heat floor thermostats (1 kitchen, 2 bathrooms), and 1 propane heater thermostat. It’s BEGGING for automation. Accidentally leaving any of the electric thermostats above 50 degrees costs $2/day when we’re not there. I’m planning on replacing all the baseboard therms with the sinopetech zigbee models (we already use ST in our main home). Their radiant floor solutions look a little steep so I think I’ll leave those as a manual option, but I’d LOVE to get something done with the propane heat as it is most economical, and can really blaze.


Can you hook up a standard thermostat to your stove? I’ve got a pellet stove that can be controlled by a standard thermostat by bypassing the internal (warm/cold/on/off) one. Had it hooked up to a programmable one for years, and this season an Ecobee 3, hooked into smart things and Google Assistant is running it along with the furnace in the house. Only had to give the Ecobee a C wire and I was all set.

Hi Tony,

I’m not sure. I’m looking for the model we installed so I can get the specifics, but it was installed a couple of years ago, and I’m not near the unit regularly. I feel like it’s not a standard thermostat, but I could be wrong.

Check into it. You may get lucky. Out pellet stove is 12 years old but luckily had the option of being able to hook up a programmable thermostat to it vs the junk one that comes with the unit.

It is the Enviro Westport gas stove.