Thermostats and Remote Relay Control


I am trying to remotely control my pellet stove. Secure SCS318 seems like the best option but it is not available in the US. So I am trying to recreate the same setup by using a FortrezZ MIMOliteUS and a CT100. I currently use a Skytech SKY-3301P which works really well it just doesn’t have any remote management functionally. So I plan use the CT100 as my remote thermostat sensor and the MIMO as the relay switch which would turn the pellet stove on and off. I also have a two wire radiator thermostat that the CT100 would be replacing. I don’t plan on using the radiator unless there is some issue with the pellet stove. I was wondering if ST would keep track of the CT100 as a normal 7 day scheduled thermostat but the triggers would be a bit more complicated. IE If the temp went below 70 it would trigger the MIMO, then if it went above 75 it would trigger the MIMO again to shut off the pellet stove. Then if the temp went below 65 it would trigger the thermostat’s 2 wire radiator to turn on.

Do you know if this is possible to do with ST?


Ever come up with a working option??? I am looking to do the same thing.

I am also looking for a similar solution! Have you figured out how to use the CT100 as a controller of remote devices?