Pebblebee Stone

Anyone know about the possibility of getting this to pair with ST? I assume it would need a custom device type from someone smarter than me. It connects with IFTTT but it would be cool to have everything all in one place. Essentially this can be used to trigger different scenes/functions at the push of a button. It also can act as a motion and a temperature sensor.

Looks like it’s a bluetooth device, so there’s no way to do direct integration with a device type at this time.

Ahhhh damn. Good to know. If they ever turn on the blue tooth capability of the hub maybe we can get somewhere.

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It does work through IFTTT though, so you could link 'em that way. The easiest way would probably be to create a virtual momentary button tile and simply make it so when the bee is pushed IFTTT sees that and turns on the momentary button tile, which then triggers whatever smartapp/routine/etc. that you want to do.