Use Pebble (Android) to Control SmartThings! (in a round about way)

(Chrisb) #1

So, if IFTTT now up and running, I played around a little bit and have established limited control of my SmartThings via my Pebble watch. This is done via a very round about way, but it works. I can now use my watch to turn on select lights, unlock doors, and other things.

Here’s how:

  1. Activate the SmartThings channel in IFTTT and grant access for the device(s) you want to control.
  2. Set up your recipe thusly: When a hashtag is received in an SMS, turn on/off or unlock/lock your device.
  3. Get Tasker if you don’t already have the program. Setup a task to send a SMS with the hashtag specified above to the IFTTT number.
  4. Get Tasker for Pebble. Assign one of the buttons to run the task you just created in step 3.

There you go! Now just launch the tasker for Pebble app on your watch, press the button… bingo-bango… your light is on!!

(John Essey) #2

That’s awesome!

(M203) #3

Great! However, if Smartthings had added Tasker support for android phones ie Tasker plugin in Smartthings android app they would then have given android users instant access to voice control their things, create their own notifications, control smartthings depending on all possible context for example presence, location etc etc.

Really disappointed in no response regaridng Taser plugin for Tasker. Wig wag seems like they are going to have so thats exciting.

(Chrisb) #4

I agree @m203, but give them time yet. The Android app isn’t even on par with the iOS. Let’s get caught up with that first, then we can start pushing for move advances.

(Dura4570) #5

Chrisb… that worked like a charm! This is the functionality that I have been dreaming of…voice commands or pebble commands…awesome

(Csader) #6

@m203 check out my post here. It’s not ready for primetime quite yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

(Jordan Réjaud) #7

I made an Android Wear app named CleverObjects which lets you control SmartThings switches using buttons and voice commands on your watch.

Download CleverObjects

You don’t need to root your phone or install tasker, CleverObjects simplifies the configuration for you.

It supports more nuanced voice commands like:

“turn off television and toggle bedroom light”

“turn off everything”