Tasker Integration from Office Hours?

I’ve been anxiously awaiting details of the tasker/pebble integration. I want to be able to make tasker widgets to execute smart things events.

@av8rdude It’s still not ready for primetime, unfortunately. Did you watch both the 9/11 and 9/18 Office Hours? In the 9/11 one, I demo Tasker integration, and in 9/18 the other guy takes it a step further with the Pebble.

I know @megapixel has been working hard on a blog post outlining the Endpoint setup. Depending on how deep he goes in that blog post, I plan to post a tutorial for how I setup Tasker to work with the Endpoints. I just have to wait for him to post his blog post first. Hopefully soon.

@csader Thanks for the update. Widgets on my android phone will really complete my ST setup. I want an “All Lights - On” widget for the bump in the night.

If you don’t feel like fooling with endpoints right now, you could always do what you’re saying through IFTTT:

It’s adding an extra layer but you could have a widget to send a predefined sms to IFTTT and it could trigger “ALL ON”

Anyone know if there’s a Tasker plugin in the works yet? It’s been quite some time since the idea came up… I have endpoints setup but it would be so much easier if Tasker had a direct plugin for SmartThings to connect to it.

Not that I know of. I’m using Tasker w/ IFTTT as well.