Hello, Pebble Time

(Ronny Carr) #1

Just thought I’d give a sneak peek at the new Pebble app I’m working on. The app displays current mode, temperature, and status of contacts, locks and switches. The bottom list will be Hello, Home Phrases. As of right now I’m updating the data every 30 seconds, which works okay. It’s almost complete, working on the Phrases now!

Feedback and comments welcome!

Smartwatches..... Houston!
(Ernie) #2

This looks great. Will you be able to open locks, toggle lights and change modes with this app?

(Ronny Carr) #3

The idea is not to have control of individual devices, just more of a status dashboard with the ability to trigger Hello, Home Phrases. Users can pick the contact sensors, locks and switches they want included in the status check. So for example, if one of the selected contact sensors is open the circle will be yellow; same for locks.

While developing I’ve had several ideas for individual device control, but feel they deserve their own full featured app.

(Paul) #4

There is already a Pebble app (called Smartthings, of all things, if I remember correctly) that allows individual device control, but not mode changes. Of course you could set up virtual switches to trigger mode changes from that app. The app is clunky, but it works. I use it to open and close my garage door when I’m out walking the dog, mostly.

@ronnycarr your app looks great. Much more streamlined. Will it run on the old black&white pebbles too?

(Ronny Carr) #5

At this stage in development it doesn’t, but before release it will. The interface may look odd in black and white but I think it will work.


Maybe you’re thinking of the following app? It’s been out for almost 2 years now:

(Paul) #7

The app linked in that thread is an Android Wear app. The Pebble app I use is called “SmartThings” in the Pebble app store.

@ronnycarr thanks for building it for the older watches too! I haven’t played around with any apps built for the color displays yet, so I don’t know how they translate to the black & white displays.

(Darin) #8

I had this for a short while myself. It didn’t seem to be too reliable IIRC. Albeit, I didn’t spend much time with it. I was worried about it being a battery drain.

(Ronny Carr) #9

Thanks everyone. I want to try and get this released over the weekend. I doubt I’ll be able to finish it up before then.

(Ronny Carr) #10

The first version is now available for all models on the Pebble App Store. If you have a Pebble, let me know what you think!


Direct link: pebble://appstore/55540e3764e9b779580000b9

(Darin) #11

I installed it, and selected my Hello Home phrases, and click save. It appears that it is not saving, as my watch just shows a line and the three icons. If I go back in the app from the Pebble smart app, it has the Hello Home items all deselected, like I never hit save.

(Ronny Carr) #12

Well that is unfortunate. I’ll look into it as soon as I have some time today. What model Pebble are you using and could you check the OS version on the watch? Also, Android or iPhone?

The config page doesn’t currently restore previouse choices. This was an oversight, I’ll fix that as well!

(Darin) #13

Pebble Steel
Firmware v2.9.1
Hardware: 102V1
iPhone: IOS 8.3

Thanks! I hope that helps!


Looks like you are polling every 30 seconds, do you know if the hub can send a REST web api call when an event occurs ?


Sure, as long as it recognizes the event. That’s how the Harmony, TCP, and even Philips Hue integrations work, just as examples.

I would think polling that often would kill battery life on a watch, but maybe the
Pebble is different.



Thanks @JDRoberts.

The “OAuth-Integrated App Installation” diagram on the web link shows that the external system can send an API request, and the Smartthings WebService layer will respond back with information requested. This would still require polling the Smartthings web services layer. It would be nice if the API request could be initiated from the Smartthings WebServices layer based on sensor events.

(Ronny Carr) #17

I’m pretty sure this is exactly the way one of the dashboards work. The only problem is I think I would need a man in the middle server to catch the events and send to the appropriate pebble.

(Ronny Carr) #18

True, however I would say that the idea is not to keep the app open for very long anyway.

(Lizz) #19

I too only have the row of icons. Really looking forward to using this. Any progress?

(Ronny Carr) #20

Hi @MsFizz , sorry to hear that. Unfortunately I’ve been unable to reproduce the problem myself. I know it’s a bit of a pain, but could you try:

  1. delete the app from the watch and locker
  2. restart the watch
  3. install app from pebble store

Last resort: try a factory reset on the watch and install the app first after reconnecting to the phone.

If none of that helps, please let me know so that I can look into this further. Thanks!