Peanut plug pairing after 5/20/21 Update

My bedroom Zigbee devices all went offline after today’s wonderful Hub update. That includes a Zigbee fan, two Sengled zigbee bulbs, and the Peanut plug I was using in the room as a repeater.

I duplicates of all of these devices in my living room where the hub lives, and they all work fine after I reset the hub multiple times. Initially they were dead, too.

With that info, I thought maybe I should delete the Peanut and re-add it. The mapping showed the whole room was meshing through the plug as the repeater, so I hoped that would get all those zigbee devices online.

Now I can’t get the Peanut to be visible in the current SmartThings app. I reset the Peanut by holding the network button until it blinks red/green, go to the app, hit the plus, then the scan nearby. Never shows up. Moved it to about 3 feet from the hub and it’s still not there.

Any ideas? Quite annoyed at the moment.

It may have been the following issue:

May 19, 2021 Outage?

Probably, but I already did two full reboots of the hub, including getting notifications that it was offline/online via my phone. Everything came back but the bedroom stuff on the other end of the house.

And now that I deleted the Peanut, it won’t let me add it back.

The peanut plugs have a weird reset procedure, did you check the manual?

You have to first hold the button in until the light blinks.

Then you have to take the plug out of the socket and then plug it in again to complete the reset.

After that you can hit the + in the app

I had done that at least twice at it’s normal home. I did it for the third time after moving it down near the hub and now it worked. So thanks for the nudge to retry again. Now lets see if I can get everything to remap Zigbee routing again.

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