Pause ecobee program when away and resume program when arrive

With the new Smartthings world of no more smart apps and DTH, how can I do the following:

  1. When I am away from my home, pause ecobee thermostat program
  2. when I arrive home, resume ecobee program

in the past I used IFTTT to accomplish this. However, this isn’t an option for me anymore.

Is there a way to accomplish the above from Smartthings capabilities without using a third party?

it can be done with Alexa as described in this thread. There is no way to do it without a 3rd party.


@peeps thanks for the Alexa suggestion. That’s helpful.

I can get the Away part to work by setting up an Alexa routine and using a custom action with a phrase like “Alexa, set ecobee profile to Away”.

However I cannot get Alexa to recognize any phrases for resuming my thermostat when I arrive home!

Can you share what phrase you use to resume your thermostat?

P.S I do not want to have to tell Alexa a particular comfort profile name to resume. I just want it to resume whatever comfort profile that is eligible per my ecobee schedule

ask ecobee to resume schedule on Ecobee Downstairs

Thanks @peeps !
I found the entire list of commands for ecobee plus skill on Alexa so I’m good to go now

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I’m trying to do something kinda the same.

I have a room in my house that is never the same temperature as the rest of the house.

I have IFTTT set to check the temperature in the room and if it is below 67* then change the comfort setting to a custom setting for two hours but it never seems to fire. Any ideas?

@ccm2114 I have a few of questions

  1. How are you confirming that your trigger (< 67 degrees) is actually firing?

  2. Are you using this as your IFTTT action?
    “Set thermostat comfort profile for X hours”

  3. You can accomplish your use case with an Alexa. Do you own one?