Ecobee 3 - Resume Schedule

I’m looking for a way through ST to have a device tell my Ecobee 3 to “Resume Schedule” when I trigger that someone is in the house. The trigger part is fine but I can only set a temp. IFTTT allows “Resume Schedule” but I’m trying to get everything under one platform.

Any suggestions?

I think this is easily doable with the latest release.

I’ll need some help here. Not sure what I’m supposed to do. I’ve been a ST user for about…a day. I take direction well and understand concepts once they are explained.



Yes, this is totally doable with the current release. Included in the release is a Child SmartApp called ecobee Routines that lets you trigger changes (including "Resume Program) based on the execution of a Routine or a changed Mode in SmartThings.

If you prefer using Rule Machine or some other SmartApp the resumeProgram() command is exposed in my Device Handler as well. So plenty of options to choose from here.

In that case, start here with the instruction. I have a very detailed, step-by-step installation instructions you can follow:

Post (or message me directly) if you get stuck and we’ll make sure you get through it.

I’m already stuck…

Instructions say…

Follow these steps (all within the SmartThings IDE):

Click on the My Device Handlers tab
Click Settings
Click Add new repository and use the following parameters:
Owner: StrykerSKS
Name: SmartThingsPublic
Branch: StrykerSKS-Ecobee3

I do not see a settings button/tab or anything. Pretty sure I missed a step.

I’ve been able to add the Ecobee thermostat device handler and the Ecobee (Connect) smart app but nothing seems to have changed. This is feeling harder than I thought…

How do I see/use the Ecobee (connect) smart app? I see it on my phone…

If you are going to use the GitHub install method, you have to enable the GitHub integration first (as mentioned in the install introduction):

You will also need to install the Ecobee Sensor device handler even if you don’t have a remote sensor. The Ecobee actually treats it’s internal sensors as remote sensors from a reporting perspective.

I’m having all types of issues now…Smartthings thinks my iphone is an Ecobee thermostat. I’m trying to restore…

Assuming you completed all the install steps (including setting up OAuth) in the IDE. Then you need to install and run it on your phone:

The main thing is to go into the Marketplace on your SmartThings app (lower right hand side) and install the 'Ecobee (Connect)`. When you install it there it will let you walk through the configuration.

Hmmm, I seriously doubt that SmartThings thinks your iPhone is an Ecobee thermostat. What makes you think that it believes your phone is an Ecobee thermostat???

Okay, just take a few deep breaths.

I’m guessing that somehow you managed to go in and edit your iPhone from “Mobile Presence” to be Ecobee Thermostat. When I look at the Device Network Id, that is not the normal DNI that would show up for a Thermostat.

You should be able to easily fix that by simply clicking the Display Name, editing the device and changing the type back to Mobile Presence.

You will not need to use the “My Devices” screen at all with my install instructions. The Ecobee (Connect) SmartApp will create the necessary devices (as long as the Device Handler is installed).

I suggest that for your case that you use the Manual Install method from my instructions (cut and paste) for now. You can always switch over to GitHub later if desired.

Whew!!! I’m back to having an iPhone saying it’s an iPhone

OK, now speak to me like I’m a 3rd grader who is pushing 60…
I have Ecobee (Connect) and ecobee Routines set-up on my phone…I think

What do I need to do to get the app to switch to “Away” when my wife and I leave the house and to “Resume Schedule” when one of return.

I don’t see anything about “Resume Schedule” when I try to set up a routine.

I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel…just hard to concentrate when I’m at work doing this :slightly_smiling:

I believe you may have already figured t his out by now, but for the benefit of anyone else reading the thread I’ll walk through it.

In the ecobee Routines SmartApp you have the options of triggering off of a Routine execution OR a Mode change (whichever works best for your situation).

From there, you get to choose what Program (Comfort Setting) on the Ecobee that you want to execute. In addition to Programs, I also include the option to simply Resume Program, but you can also choose between Home, Sleep or Away (or a custom program if you have one setup).

So, the first thing you need to do is either automate the running of your Away Routine or manually executing it from within the app.

I’ll leave setting up Routines as a separate exercise for the reader as it is really outside the scope. :o)