Ecobee comfort settings

I wanted to set up a routine to disable a remote thermostat when I turn on my fireplace. I thought the easiest way to do this would be to add a comfort setting in ecobee that excludes that specific remote thermostat. Sadly, st is only letting me use the default tstat settings (cool, heat, auto, off). Is there a way to access and turn on individual comfort settings through st? Or another way to do this?

Comfort settings are not exposed in the Ecobee cloud to cloud integration for some unknown reason. If you have an Alexa device, you can install the Ecobee Plus skill which can change the comfort settings using voice commands. To make it work with ST, create a virtual Alexa device using vEdge Creator from @TAustin then create a Routine(s) with the conditions to trigger when to change comfort settings and turn on the virtual Alexa device. In Alexa, create a routine that is triggered when the virtual device is turned on. The action in the routine will be an Alexa custom action that simulates saying the phrase used to change to that comfort zone name.

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If you are not Alexa user, there is IFTTT option too

except with IFTTT you can’t set away for a period beyond 24 hours…so not great for a weekend away.

But you can set a comfort setting that stays until the next transition.

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that one never worked for me since I have scheduled comfort settings (day, evening, sleep, etc) that are triggered on a specific time. Ultimately the Alexa ecobee plus skill was what worked to replace the previous Yves smartapp functionality I was using due to IFTTT’s limitation on holding away for only 24 hours.

although this has me thinking about alternate ways to trigger my comfort settings other than a schedule :wink:

But when used in conjunction with a vacation hold, you should be able to set a comfort setting that will not change unto the vacation hold expires or an explicit resume is done. I used Ecobee Suite Manager like that until Groovy was shutdown a few weeks ago.

that requires me to remember to set a vacation hold :rofl:

Door locks
Presence off for 2 hours
Location mode is away
Send Notification “Do You Need to Set a Vacation Hold This Time?”