Ecobee 3 Resume Schedule

I have a routine with Alexa to turn off my downstairs lights, tv, and resume the schedule on my Ecobee when I say good night. I use ifttt to resume the Ecobee schedule as we usually turn the heat up in the evening. I want to do this with a smartthings scene. I am new to smartthing, so this may be pretty easy. I noticed that in the classic app there is a button where I can “resume” on the Ecobee. This doesn’t exist on the new app. I want to create a scene in ST to mimic my Alexa routine. This way I can just press a button instead of talking to Alexa. I found an old topic on this, but it was from 2016. Help is much appreciated. Thanks

Not sure it can be done with a scene. My Ecobee is not even listed as a device that can be put in a scene. In fact I have never used a scene for anything. You could create a automation in the new app to set the heating and cool points based on pressing a button. Running a ResumeProgram doesn’t appear to be an option.

It could be done with Webcore, but that may be more than you want to get into.

I don’t know if it is your issue, but I have the latest version of the show next to the bed. I can then use the show touch screen to run my Alexa goodnight routine without speaking. I often go to bed after my wife. I had been using my phone, but the show is easier.

I could be mixing up scene and automation. I’m using IFTTT for my Alexa routine. I am just trying to figure how to create something for this. I have been researching webcore. I am working on getting started with Actiontiles. Would it be easier to do this in Actiontiles with a piston for the Ecobee to create a “Good Night” automation?

Something else that might work. If you have an Alexa routine that works, you could create a virtual contact and then have it initiate an Alexa routine. Since you can only start an Alexa routine with a contact sensor, this again will probably have to be done with Webcore. It doesn’t look like automations can set simulated contacts.