Partial Scenes loss?

Last night sometime I lost several Scenes (but strangely not all) in the iOS app and there is a retrieval error in the IDE. Many of the associated Devices for those lost Scenes that happen to be included in other Scenes and Automations that were not lost now say “Unknown action” or “Unknown condition” in those remaining Scenes/Automations that still exist.

Also strange is that at least one of my lost Scenes still appears in the iOS Widget and will execute, so it continues to exist somewhere in the ecosystem.

Sounds likes a partial database failure somewhere. Anyone else having similar symptoms?

Known issue in both Android and iOS apos with the latest update. (insert long tech description here). Fortunately the scenes arent gone, you just can’t access them right now. Id urge you to open a ticket with support.

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I opened a ticket last night and the response was to recreate them and wait until they’re restored - which is a ridiculous response. If I recreate them, why do I need them restored? :man_facepalming:

@vlad - ETA.

This is all over Reddit and the FB group all of the sudden as well. Lools like a lot of folks took the update Friday.

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Did you ever resolve this? I’m suffering the same and CS have been less than helpful.

It’s still an issue. Support says my particular variant “Is solved in a future update” but I don’t have info as to which version contains the fix or an ETA.

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It isn’t resolved. CS has been very slow and they have filed a bug with Engineering to dig into it in more detail as the front-line support folks couldn’t solve it.

Maybe you can get them to escalate your issue to Engineering also and it will help accelerate a resolution.

I’ll try. I have literally raised 5 tickets through the app, each time sending logs and screenshot, each time getting a generic “answer” asking for my logs to be submitted in the exact way I’d just done.

@vlad, @Brad_ST

Guys the problem is getting worse out here not better. Need to put a jet engine on a hotfix ASAP…

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Any update on this? My whole system is kind of at a standstill while waiting to be able to access Scenes and Automations again…

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Which issue are you experiencing?

Mine is scenes STILL missing in the android app, Brad. Just look up the latest ticket in my account. I gave up checking on it, but it’s still an issue.

Devices are all showing up as unknown in automations and scenes. When trying to edit or change either, it crawls to a stop and errors out. This is in either android or iOS.

What about when creating a new scene? Do you still see the unknown actions? The device names in the screenshot of your support ticket differ from what I’m seeing so it seems like there could be a sync issue. It’d be good to rule out if it’s just editing existing scenes though.

When going to create a new scene, when I click to add action, Control Devices is grayed out. I can’t even click it to then select a device.

Here’s a screen recording

(Attachment 0347FA4A-4BEA-4529-A877-AFD74A59166A.mp4 is missing)

You still have 9 automations that are failing to migrate. When I looked into it in early February they were failing to migrate due to the Inovelli switches using a custom DTH. My recommendation, also supported by the Z-Wave devs I talked to, was to remove and re-add the Inovelli devices to SmartThings. As an example, “Wake Up” is failing to migrate due to the child device Front Hall Light (Notification 5). If you look at the components of this device it uses a structure of “components/ep5” and we expect the structure of “components/main”.

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Can you send in app logs after attempting to create and edit a scene? Help → Report a Problem