Partial Scenes loss?

@Brad_ST - I was looking at possibly doing as listed above - I break a lot of things if I delete the child device. (bunch of webcore pistons etc call that as it’s inovelli’s method for presenting notifications on the Red dimmers.) I also read what you said as the DTH is presenting an incorrect structure - If the DTH can be fixed to present the structure you mention, would the rule build correctly or are we seeing other issues too?

So far as I can tell the only issue is the malformed request during the migration relating to ST expecting a component of “main” vs “ep#”.

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If this is something I can update in the DTH let me know. I know that the new app was not working with child devices that were created with the attribute “component:true” so we made that change several months ago. Users had to delete and recreate their child devices after the change. I’m not sure if that is related or not.

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Brad - can you take a peek again - I’ve completely removed / re-added that device with the children and recreated it. They’re still not migrating - I’d like to clear them out and get them fixed if possibel…

Well you’re down to 5 scenes that won’t migrate. Looks like the remaining ones are failing due to the scene containing a now deleted device. @garrett.kranz and I have been pushing for a platform-wide fix for that for awhile now. We can delete the scene and you can rebuild it if you’d like. Just let us know.