Pairing Z-Wave Door Sensor Doesnt Work

I currently have 4 GoControl Door/Window Sensor WADWAZ-1 in the house. 2 of them started showing offline so i tried to unpair and pair devices.

  • Exclude from ZWave
  • Remove from App
  • Re-Add

However, when I re-add them they pair successfully but do not report open/close status to the App and no history is shown. They also dont light on the sensor itself when it comes in contact with contact sensor which makes me think it is not working at all. I had another one laying around since I thought the devices may be fault, but the new one has same problem. I have tried to use Default ZWave Sensor handler and also a customer handler and both dont work. The other two sensors have had zero problems and still work. I also ran Z-Wave repair utility and that did not help, nor did unpairing and then rebotting the Hub before adding them again.


Try this:

  1. Exclude the device
  2. FACTORY RESET the device
  3. Pair the device

That often resolves such issues. It may also help to add a buffering devices between the sensors and the hub since these are sleepy devices and can help handle any mesh issues which can cause the events to be lost.

Getting closer. Was able to Exclude one, Disable ZWave in IDE, Reboot Hub, then turn on ZWave and repair. One works. However, the other device when going through Exclusion will get confirmation that it is Excluded but will still show up in devices. Have tried this 2x now. Dont want to re-add if it is not fully out of network. Any thoughts on why a ZWave device would still show up in devices (but not reporting anything) even after Exclusion through new app?