Kwikset 910 smart lock guest access

My lock pairs and operates as it should. However I can’t add guest codes as during the process the app tells me no locks are online - try again later. I can lock and unlock the door from the app it just will not add or show the codes that are in use. it also does not show battery % correctly?

Force remove and repair? or???


  1. I updated my device handler to the “Z-wave lock”. (previously had “z-wave lock with code”)
  2. (probably most important step) I moved a Z-Wave repeater closer to the door! had one close to the lock but the lock was closer to the hub… put the repeater between the lock and hub and all is right with the world…
  3. Performed Z-Wave heal.

note- Still find it frustrating to go between the 2 apps updated vs classic to perform task.

Glad to hear you out it straightened out. Actually step 1 was the most important. The other DTH is a legacy DTH and not compatible.

I’m guessing you’ve seen this topic regarding step 2:

Yes I have seen it… Appreciate.