Help me reset z-wave GoControl/Linear window sensor

My z-wave sensor was paired to my 1st SmartThings hub which died.

I would like to ‘reset’ it to use with my new SmartThings hub.
(since it is still paired to my old hub, I can’t put it in pairing mode)

Could you send me instructions how to do this?
It is the WADWAZ-1 window/door sensor.

I’m traveling at the moment, but I was able to find results via Google on my phone:

Same process for you ST hub as the Wink.

Thanks John.
I believe this works with the hub that the sensor was paired to (general exclusion process).

I don’t have the original hub the sensors were paired with.
I want to ‘reset’ the sensors, to allow them to be paired with my new ST hub.

I have both DWZWAVE2-ECO and WADWAZ-1 window sensors I need to reset.
I’m looking for instructions on how to factory reset them.
(probably a reset process that doesn’t involve a hub, just the sensor)

You don’t need the original hub. Your new hub will also reset these sensors via a general exclude. I know because I’ve done this myself when I moved from hub v1 to hub v2.

If I remember right, remove the battery, put the hub in exclude mode, replace the battery and then replace the cover or trip the tamper switch with a small pen or paperclip. You’ll see the red led start blinking saying it’s ready to be paired to a hub, and the ST app will say it successfully removed a device (no name).

Thank you so much. I thought for sure you needed the original hub. I didn’t know the new hub could reset devices not paired to it. Sounds like it is able to reset devices in the near vicinity that are ‘tripped’. Good to know.

Thanks again. I’ll give it a try.

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Hi John,
The general exclusion process worked to reset my z-wave device that wasn’t even paired to my hub, so that it would be ready to pair with my hub.

I’m not sure why… I read about the gen excl process a few times, but swore it was for devices paired to your hub. I could be slow, but I wish the instructions were a little more clear about this. Specifically that a hub can reset any z-wave device, regardless if it was ‘paired’ to the hub or not.

Anyhow, thanks again!