Pairing troubles with Aeon Labs Smart Energy monitor

I am having a heck of a time getting this device to even pair up with my SmartThings hub. I have read a bunch of threads but none of them really get into pairing issues.
I have Aeon Labs AEDSB09104ZWUS Aeotec Z-Wave Smart Energy Monitor which seems to be gen 1. I have created the custom device type in the IDE even, but no matter what I do I cannot get it to pair up.

I have put 4 batteries in the unit, pushed the button, held the button down, initiated the pairing then put batteries in etc. Just won’t pair up.
Does anyone have any idea what I need to do to get it paired? Am I missing a part of the sequence?
Thanks in advance.

Did you try to exclude then include? Shouldn’t have to with a brand new device but just in case.

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The instructions that came with the unit and online are not very helpful with the inclusion or exclusion process due to them wanting you to use the Aeon Z-wave stick or Aeon Z-wave remote.

You can use the hub. Instructions are here with a quick search.

Anyone else have any suggestions or help? I did a search and read a bunch of threads on the Aeon Labs Smart Energy monitor and all the code necessary etc.

But did you do as @bridaus suggested and try doing a ZW exclusion ? I have gotten plenty of devices that already paired with another hub apparently that I just automatically run an exclusion before I even try including it in my network. Much easier to take 30 seconds to run a general exclusion to be sure it is clean than spend hours trying to get it to include and getting nowhere.

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Some I just purchased two of these devices myself last week that I will be using for spot holiday decorations. I also had/ am having a difficult time… After a couple of attempts at failed discovery I manually added them by selecting the device type seach and that seemed to work. But controlling them through the UI is not functional. Also after the added devices, they seemed to F’up other zwave devices in the network. Doing some additional research I did a Z-repair which fixed everything else but the new devices still not working as they should (using the (UI). Also activity monitor is just crazy… Entry 1-Switch is off, Entry 2-switch reporting .59 kW draw… Really unreliable response to on/off commands (1 in 10 working) I wanted to see if I had any better luck using the echo so I made them available to alexa and the switches worked perfectly. Hmmm. But alexa uses ST hub to communicate to the switch. So I add the switches to the smart lights setup… They work perfectly… So in my case I am concluding there is an issue/bug in the UI with these devices. I almost never use the UI so I will keep them. Not sure if your issues are similar

Hi guys, well I am convinced the unit is faulty as none of the attempts at pairing or even doing an exclusion has done anything. I opened the unit this morning and found some of the traces burned around the antenna portion so I think I got a faulty or even used item. I will be returning it for a new one from the vendor. Thanks for all the suggestions and if I have trouble with the new one I will post back here again.