How can hard reset Aeon Labs DSB09104-ZWUS Energy Monitor?

I got Aeon Labs DSB09104-ZWUS Energy Monitor which doesn’t pair with Smartthings hub v2. With batteries DSB09104-ZWUS red LED blinks 3 times after black pair button press but doesn’t pair with smartthings. I couldn’t find how I can hard reset this v1 energy monitor and pair with smartthings hub v2. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

This is a great place to start

Thank you very much. After “General Device Exclusion”, I am able to pair successfully. It’s not connected to any wire yet. When I clicked “Configure” on this Energy Meter in Things, no action and I see “debug [7004650400000004, delay 100, 70046F040000012C, delay 100, 7004660400000008, delay 100, 700470040000012C, delay 100, 7004670400000000, delay 100, 700471040000012C]” in Live Logging. Any Ideas? TIA.
Screen where I tried to Configure

@rav, All Configure does is define reporting options. What you see looks fine to me. When you say “not connected to any wire yet”, do you mean the clamps are not installed?

Yes, I tested after installing clamps. All I see is “energy is 0.000 kWh” and “power is 0 W” every 5 minutes.

I have exactly this same problem with my Aeon HEM and the V2 Hub… can anyone help?