Aeon smart energy switch wont Pair

I am unable to pair my smart energy switch to my Smartthings V2, any suggestions? I have a steady blue light but it is not recognized when I try to pair it with the ST App…The model # is DSC06106-ZWUS. the switch is new. thank you.

Try a z-wave exclude and re-try. You’ll turn the exclude on from the app or ide and then press the button on the device

Here’s Aeon’s instructions

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Thank you, I counldt find the exclude command in the app, using ios, can you point me in the direction? Thx

I have an android, but it should be similar in IOS

From Dashboard
Menu -> My Locations
Click gear next to location
Scroll down and click on hub
Z-Wave Utilities
General Device Exclusion

Got it to pair using your info, THX! One last thing, it shows up My Devices and I was able to config on phone when it paired, but now does not show up on my phone/dashboard…I have it plugged into the refig, but doesnt show up in my phone app with my other devices…?

Sometimes you will need to exit the app to refresh. Try that and report back. Also, check to see if it is listed under things when you reload the ST app

went through the steps again and it paired/showed up in My Devices on the computer,but still does not show in the smart app on the phone. Refreshed and restarted several times…

Under the Web site, what is the switch recognized as? Being that it is being found in the IDE, it should show up as a device on your phone. But, sometimes the signature of the device is unknown and it will not assign a device handler. So what I need you to check is for what device handler has been assigned to this device. And assure that it is a Z-Wave Switch if you can?