Troubleshooting Enerwave ZW20R Outlet

So I bought the above outlet and I’m getting ready to return it. I can’t seem to make it works with my Smarthings V2 Hub.

However, I’m fairly new to smartthings and i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on some troubleshooting steps I could take?

Basically I’ve followed the directions and can’t get it to pair. It’s about 40 feet away from the hub with almost line of site. I’m going to try to wire it up right next to the hub tomorrow but I dont think that’s it. I’ve also tried to exclude the device with no luck. Does anyone have any advice/help they could offer?

Found a few answered questions on Amazon about this that might be helpful!

Yep, it works, although it took some fiddling… The most important thing I’ve learned is for the initial “discovery” you have to be right next to the SmarThings hub. After that, you can put the plug anywhere within the range of the mash network. For whatever reason, discovery has to be really close and once you add it in as an item, you can move it to a different location (it will save its settings in the plug). I got 5 of these and would initially “pair” them in the same room as the hub and then install them all throughout the house. This is the only way I was able to get them to work. They work really well once running


I had to get mine really close to the hub. The way I did it was hook a ac plug to it (ground to ground, neutral to neutral and hot to hot. I then plugged it into an outlet next to the hub and paired it. Once it was paired I removed the plug and installed it into the outlet box. This worked for me but try it at your own risk.

Thanks Brian. I had actually just stumbled across those myself. I don’t understand the requirement to be right next to the hub but I will try that tomorrow to see if anything changes.

If you have an Aeon Minimote, it may make it easier to just do them in place. I’ve never used one for an outlet (I rent so it’s easier for me to just go with first gen Aeon plugs), but they do allow you to exclude devices and join them.

Plus they’re cheap and super useful for other things, so it never hurts to have one.

Another issue ran into with another Enerwave product (ZWN-323) is that I had to do log into and do My Hub -> View Utilities -> Z-Wave Exclude and follow exclusion directions for the device. Only after that was I able to get it to pair.

Don’t know if this helps you with your issue.

I ended up returning my device because the Enerwave documentation is so bad.