Aeon Micro Smart Energy Switch - not pairing


I’ve been trying for days now to get any of my Aeon Micro Smart Energy Switches to pair with my Smartthings Hub.

I have 3 already fitted in the wall switches and they work fine, but the red light just keeps flashing and they are never seen by the Smartthings Hub. I resorted to set up a small setup rig that allows me to connect main supply to the other 3 Aeon switches and locate then right next to the Hub, but although they work fine as switches, they never seem to be seen by the Hub.

So, I have 6/6 failures and days of trying everything I can think of, so either I am doing something consistently wrong, or I have 6 faulty devices…

The promising part is if I push the Aeon switch’s button 6 times in rapid succession, the red LED on the switch flashes rapidly for about 5 seconds, then resumes it’s slower flashing. My Smartthings app just sits there searching for apps and never sees a thing.

I really need some good ideas or experiences to get these things to work, else I may just toss the blasted things out the window.

(Michael Barry) #2

What’s the model # off the switch. New gen 5s may have trouble pairing.

(Mike Maxwell) #3

You are using things, connect new device correct?
I have 20 plus of these, not had an issue pairing them ( I pair them off an extension cord, right next to the hub)
Post install, I run a zwave repair.


Model number is: DSC12103-ASAP

How can I tell the version?


I use the ST app to add a new device and while it searches, I press the Aeon switch’s button. At this stage no matter how many times I press that button, it is never found by the ST.

(Mike Maxwell) #6

Where did you buy these?, all the US version part numbers end in US as in ZWUS
Even Mr.G can’t find that exact PN, only a DSC12103 which is a Generation 1 antique, suitable for museum display…


I bought these switches off eBay without realising that there was any generational requirement for supporting z-wave devices.

Can these Gen 1 types be paired with ST?

(Mike Maxwell) #8

I’m thinking the reason they don’t pair, is that they aren’t using the correct frequency for this country.
Please post pictures (front and back) of these bad boys.


Thanks Mike. Yep, I think you nailed it. They are not on the US frequency, so not heard by the ST.

Now, removing these from the walls will be a fun task… :wink:

(Mike Maxwell) #10

Sorry dude. Hopefully you didn’t get soaked on the deal.