Pairing ST ZigBee switch with new hub without physical access

So, I use a ST switch to control a kegerator, which is sealed into my bar with a couple of cans of expanded foam. I think I’d sooner knock a hole in the wall then try and get that thing out.

If I unpair the switch from the old hub before hooking up the new one, will the new hub find it without me having to press a button on it?

If not, then does anyone have any other idea to trick it into a pairing mode before removing it from the old hub?

To my knowledge, you need access to the button to pair. Maybe a a long pokey stick to get through the foam would help?

Afraid that wouldn’t work. The switch is directly behind the kegerator. What if I turned the breaker for the switch it is plugged into off and on after unpairing it?

Is it ZigBee or zwave?

St doesn’t support this as far as I can tell, by ZigBee does have commands for forcing a device into join mode, which removes it from existing mesh and allows it to be discoverable by other meshes.

I don’t believe st built this, yet.

If it is zwave, then it is possible as well but again st hasn’t built the controller shift needed to do it.

It’s the SmartThings branded second generation zigbee wall wart switch.

Yeah those are hard to reset too. Timing of release of button is short.