Help w reset of GE in wall on/off switch

Hey guys. Got my new Hub connected. Old one is dead so no way to remove devices first. Going through the process of getting everything added to the new switch. Thank the Lord I kept my old lutron remote I was able to reset me Phillips hue bulbs :smiley:

Now I’m trying to get my kitchen light switch added back and can’t seem to get it to reset. I’ve tried pressing up 10 times, down 10 times, pressing up 3 yes then down 3 times. No joy. Anyone have any recommendations for getting it reset?

by reset… do you mean running a z-wave exclusion in the ST app and then pressing the keys? of course I am assuming it is z-wave and not zigbee?

No. Resetting it at the wall. My old hub died. So no way to do anything through the app. I’m needing to get it added to the new Hub.

classic app or new app? z-wave or zigbee switch?

I have both apps. But the hub it’s currently assigned to is dead. The switch is the one pictures here

if it is z-wave (sorry the image is too blurred for me to make out) then you can reset from the ST app.

classic --> click on More > Hub is Online > z-wave utilities > general device exclusion and then flip the switch between on and off until you see the message that a device was excluded

new app --> click on the hub in the device list > three dots in upper right of screen > z-wave utilities > z-wave exclusionand then flip the switch between on and off until you see the message that a device was excluded

if it is a zigbee device, let us know. again the image was too blurred for my old eyes. looked like the z-wave logo to me though. LOL I couldn’t even make out the model number :slight_smile:

It’s a zwave device. But again, the hub it’s currently assigned to is DEAD. It cannot be powered on… :frowning:

you can do it from the new hub. does not matter if the old hub is dead

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Oh. Well I guess I don’t understand. How’s that work if it’s never been connected to the new Hub?

z-wave exclusion will reset the device

Excluding or resetting a device that is not yet connected to SmartThings

(General Device Exclusion)

Perhaps you’re having trouble adding a Z-Wave device that was previously in use by a SmartThings Hub or another type of Z-Wave controller. Or maybe your new device won’t connect after several attempts. Sometimes a device partially connects, or is partially removed, behind the scenes. Resetting/excluding the device through the General Z-Wave Device Exclusion process will likely fix these problems. Then, you will be able to connect the device as usual.

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Just one more question. Will this do this to all my devices? So if I’ve already been able to reconnect some. It’s going to boot them and make it so I have to readd then again? Not that I mind. Just want a full understanding of what I’m doing here.

it should reset z-wave devices for you so you can add them

Thanks for all your help. I apologize for any frustration in my part.

One more question. I also have the iris garage opener. I understand I will need to exclude it as well. But how do I do the on/off that you had me do on the light switch? Do I just need to press open/close on my garage door opener button until it indicates exclusion. Or will I need to get up to the hardware and do something there?

you should be able to perform the z-wave exclusion in ST and hit the link button on the iris GD. You can find the link button in the following pdf file. clickable url

Yep got it! Thanks again mate! Really appreciated.

@jkp one more of you don’t mind. I have a schlage lock as in the link below. It hasn’t worked properly for some time.

I’d like to reset it to factory and add it back to the new Hub. I assume I will have to exclude it first, then reset it to factory. Do you happen to know the steps I will need to follow to do this? Thanks again for all the help.

Here is the manual that includes instructions for resetting and setting up… clickable link…

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Well that wasn’t too painful. Didn’t even have to end up resetting the door lock. Got all of my items added to my new Hub with the exception of two porch lights that can wait until it’s a tad warmer outside. Thanks so much for your help. REALLY glad to have the door lock working again!

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No fair… we wanted to see the painful experience, :wink: Just kidding!!

Lmao. When I realized my hub was dead I was really dreading it. Luckily it worked out with my door lock now working.

I am REALLY lucky I bought a few of those Lutron remotes when I did. It made resetting my hue bulbs painless. I’m pretty sure those bad boys are discontinued now.

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