Pairing problem with GE Z-Wave Plus Fan with ST Hub

I cannot get my GE fan switch to be recognized by ST. I successfully did one in the same room as the hub. But installed one in the NEXT room and it cannot find it for some reason. The hub has found my Leviton devices easily in that same room, but not the GE Z-wave fan switch.

I have even moved the hub out farther into the room to hopefully get it closer, but no luck.
I also looked for the device in the ST list to pair specifically but this device was not in the list. I guess it is too new.

Any ideas? This is baffling.

did you try an general device exclusion? Sometimes even new devices need an exclusion done.


I looked in there, but the device didn’t show up, so I didnt run it. FIgured if it wasn’t there, didn’t need to…

Every z-wave device that I add, I also exclude first and then pair. It’s never failed for me. I have 3 of the GE smart fan switches and after the first one wouldn’t pair, I ran exclusion and then it added easily after that.

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yeah, run it anyway.It will only remove devices put in a pairing mode, so won’t hurt anything.

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if you haven’t already tap the up and down buttons back to back three+ times each direction when you are in exclusion and again in pairing mode.

you can also try popping-out the little square next to the blue light and then push it back in and while in pairing mode.

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Yeah!! The exclusion did find the device, after also rocking the paddle many times as you suggested. I also tapped the rocker on another GE Fan switch many times and it found it too.

Thanks to all of you so much. I was afraid I was going to have to install each device in the room where the hub was, since ST support was suggesting I was not close enough. Nope. The hub even found the Fan in the upstairs room.

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don’t forget to run a z-wave repair after adding your zwave devices. if it fails the first time, run it again. it might need two - three runs for the repair to remap your zwave mesh

What does the Zwave mesh remapping do?

It helps with communication/response between hub and other zwave.

@JDRoberts can explain it better/more accurately. :slight_smile:

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Here you go (this is a clickable link)