Cannot pair GE Z-Wave Plus Toggle Switch

I am trying to pair a GE Z-Wave toggle switch to my ST Hub and cannot get it to work. I have placed the hub within 5ft and tried numerous times. I have done exclusion and repairs numerous times. I even ordered another one thinking the first may be defective to no avail. Anyone have any ideas? I am at a loss here and I was hoping to buy a few more. I do already have a couple of them on my network but I think they were not the PLUS version.

Thanks for any help/ideas.


Are you using the classic or the STSC app?

classic version

Exclude the devices before trying to add. Also make sure give it at least 5 minutes for the pairing process. Contrary to the instructions it’s okay to press the paddle 2-3x per minute until the device is recognized.

The older devices can be quite stubborn.

Man that was is crazy. Been doing the same thing for days with no luck and it worked this time. Only thing I did different was hit the switch a couple of times. Thanks!


Yep, same thing here. Majority just a single press of the paddle switch. A handful took multiple presses. And one or two I had to pull the air gap switch to fully reset it and then it added.

I appreciate the help/encouragement. That was frustrating. And the last time was so easy. Now to move on to the rest of my switches.

Thanks again!