Pairing Arrival Sensor

I’ve been trying to pair an Arrival Sensor with no success.
I reset by holding connect button until LED goes out. On SmartThings app, go to Scan for Nearby Devices and press connect button once quickly.
It fails to appear and pair.
Is there anything else I can try?

Check to see if it might have been added. Go to the Devices section, click on the home icon in the upper left and look for No Room Assigned and see if it is there

I have added devices where there was no indication they paired but they had and that is where I found them.


Yip, it’s there. Thanks a mil!

Ok… a follow up. If you paired it and reset the device after a successful pairing… then you may have severed the connection. Test it to make sure it works, if not… remove the device, reset it and pair again.

I don’t recall the extra quick button press as part of the process and you should be able to select the device directly from the type or brand menu (unless you have multiple hubs, as they broke that months ago). I have always found them slow to pair, often requiring multiple attempts.

I eventually had seven of them and when I had to change the Zigbee channel on my hub a few months back most of them didn’t automatically change channel. It took days to get them all back. Then I had to do it again and none of them changed and I spent about a week trying to get them to pair again without any success. They went in the bin after that, which was painful as I’d always been an advocate for them on this forum. That said they had become impossible to source at even remotely reasonable prices.

I’ve seen anecdotal evidence of people changing their hub Zigbee channel and then getting them to pair easily, but with mixed opinions over the better channels (20 seemed popular).

Update: Glad you found it silently paired while I was typing. Hope you find them useful. They were great for me, but many do find them a bit useless. That’s fair enough though. Many people use mobile presence but I find that pretty useless in the context of home automation.

it’s great for acting on cars presence. IFF the mesh is good and the lag is low. When the cloud lags 8 hours then it’s just funny and sad