Can't pair device after I removed them

Hello everyone,

With all the problems ST had in the last days, my presence sensor and one of my multisensor wasn’t responding. I removed the rules in RM associated with them, removed the device with the app, reset the device, changed the battery. Without luck, I can’t discover them with the app.

Any ideas?

For the multisensor, I have found that carefully holding the reset button while inserting the battery and having the mobile app ready to add a device works well. The device will flash blue when not linked and then turn to green when attached.

As for the presence sensor, I don’t have one - my phone works great.

Want brand are the sensors? I have had issues before where I had to do a factory reset on the device, since it may think its paired to a hub and just can’t find it. I know that you have to get it just right and it might take a couple times.

How far from the hub is it? Distance can be a factor, especially if you have repeaters. Repeaters will not repeat any signal.

Thanks guys! It’s Samsung fore both.

For the multi, third time did the job (pull battery out, hold button, put battery in). For the presence, I’m still trying. Might use my cell in this case.


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